Today I want to talk about Beautylish, a beauty app that I discovered recently and I use to discover new tips on beauty in the Editorial and read opinions of the users about the products before buying them.

Considering my sensitive skin, one of the topics of greatest interest to me are the search for better foundation and face powder indicated that emphasize the complexion and camouflaging small inaccuracies without being aggressive on the skin. At the moment my preference goes to the new cosmetic line of Dr. Hauschka, which has enriched its offer with a new foundation and a new powder.

Dr. Hauschka Foundation

Available in 7 different shades suitable for every skin tone, gives the skin brightness and reduces optimally irregularities. Its mineral-based pigments and medicinal plants formula promotes skin regeneration and thanks to waxes and vegetable oils to the content maintains its hydration and helps to protect against external agents.

Dr. Hauschka Colour Correcting Powder

Evens, opaque, soothes and gives radiance and freshness to the skin. And ‘perfect for all skin colors and its precious composition smoothes the skin and gives it a deliciously silky matte finish.

What do you think about it?

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