About MyGeekSuit

MyGeekSuit was born in spring 2015, the season of new ideas and projects, at least for me.
The idea is very simple: combining my endless passions (fashion, travel, sports ... what today is called "lifestyle") with the latest interest for technology, which characterizes my work life of Digital Strategist and private as girlfriend of a super geek.
So after days spent in explaining the difference between a pump and a peep toe, enough to win a label "Fashion Inside" behind my desk, I found myself one day with a 3D printer in my living room, on the minimal style table next to new urban lamp to be precise, and I said "Why not?".
Are they plaguing me? Maybe, but in the meantime, my mission is to demonstrate that technology can be "glam" ... and I'll do it!

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Something about Me

Born in Biella, in the North-West of Italy, in 1983 under the sign of Scorpio, Taurus ascendant. As well as with a nasty temper I am passionate about life, curious, determined and unconventional.
Adventurer: I live permanently in Milan, but as soon as possible I leave to discover new worlds.
What technology pinpoints with me? It’s just part of my life, work and love, and I want to tell it in my own way: ironic, simple and above all glamorous.
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