If you read the blog regularly and follow me on Instagram, you know that in my free time I play sports and I prefer outdoor activities than the traditional gym.

But today I want to talk about what my post sports ritual dedicated to the skin, perfect for moisturizing it, unwind it and regenerate after workout.

Everything starts with the right background music: I select on Spotify my favourite playlist Day Spa playlist and connecting my iPhone to Bose SoundLink Mini II I’m ready for step 1 of my ritual: a long, hot shower to dissolve all the muscular tensions accumulated during training. Already during shower starts hydration of the skin thanks to Dr. Hauschka shower creams that contain a quince seed extract and vegetable oils. My favorite is the Lavender Sandalwood cream shower, but in case it did before a sauna (for example after skiing) I prefer the sage one. In both case, I don’t renounce to a foot bath with Limone Lemongrass.

The music continues and it’s time to our facial care with a mask: revitalizing ideal for stressed skin even from the sun, soothing and calming perfect for sensitive skin and nourishing “quench it” … a kind of SOS mask !

While waiting for the mask posing, we can return to take care of our body with skin care oils: Arnica Birch is perfect to relax muscle tensions (and is also indicated for him) or you can choose peat lavender for total relaxation in favor of a peaceful sleep.
And everything with the comfort of your home!

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