“Higitus Figitus!” How many times we hoped that pronouncing these simple words crockery, pots and accessories got live tidying alone just like Merlin did?
I’ve tried several times, but obviously I must have done something wrong in the pronunciation!

From today, however, the solution may be less “magical” and more “smart” thanks to the new line of appliances that LG presented in the latest edition of Innofest 2017.


Besides being elegant, knocking on the door of the refrigerator LG InstaView Door-in-Door we will see it become transparent showing its contents without the need to open it.


More than a closet, LG Styler is a real beauty center for our clothes, with an oscillating system, UV light and steam system, removes odors and bacteria without damaging the fibers.

Washing machine

Twinwash is equipped with wi-fi and two separate baskets that allow you to do simultaneously two separate washes: white and colored, cotton and sportswear and so on.


I kept the best for last. Hub is a robot that communicates with the other appliances in which “order” to turn on the air conditioning, start a washing machine or a dishwasher cycle.
It can also recognize family members thanks to a built-in camera and give everyone a personalized greeting. On its interactive screen you can also get information on the contents of the refrigerator or tips to recipes, which will give you a beautiful smile imprinted on the display-face.

A kind of magic!

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