Today I want to talk about a technology developed by Google researchers and the University of Saarland that will allow us to use knuckles, fingers, in and even wrinkles as buttons or sliders with which to answer a call, turn up the volume or surf the net while our cell phone rests quietly in your pocket.

Impossible? No it isn’t, thanks to a new e-tattoo that allows you to send and receive commands and information directly from the skin and to exploit the anatomical landmarks of our hands as digital controllers: to answer a call, it might take a bit of pressure on a neo, while to change volume you could gently touch the edge of a finger.

Electronic tattoos are printed circuit boards with conductive ink and transferred onto the skin that can withstand a couple of days on the hands. The possibilities of use are really many, think for example that with electroluminescent tattoos you can get app icons that blink on receipt of a notification.

The first results of the research will be available in May, but we will have to wait at least 10 years before the e-tattoos finally leave the laboratories to be available on the market.

According to some it will be the next real evolution of wearable technology, do you agree?

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