Summer is coming and we are running to meet the hottest season of the year in our best physical shape.

We should remember that the best way would be to have physical activity and proper nutrition throughout the year and to intensify efforts in the spring, however, without these being excessive.

This year I decided to increase the number of outdoor workouts taking advantage of the longer days and matching physical activity with a detox program designed to cleanse the body.

For this reason I tried the Best Detox Diet Plan mobile app and I decided to follow the program for 10 days, to be repeated once a month until summer: only vegetables, fruits and carbohydrates without exaggeration. I must say that the results came immediately, not so much in terms of weight loss, but as a general improvement of more toned physique and annoying fluid retention disappeared like magic.

To be honest, the beginning wasn’t simple, especially for who like me who spends most of the day (meals included) outside, but with a minimum of effort and imagination you can have simple and quick recipes.

If you need some inspiration, through video Dole Snack Circle you will find delicious and original ideas think for all of us from Dole. An example? The Power Shake banana, ideal as afternoon snack if in the evening you are planning an intense workout: low-fat yogurt (soy one in my case), oatmeal, almond milk, blueberries and of course bananas. Blend all the ingredients and bring it with you also in the office, you will see that bundle of energy!

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