Running is good, science says that and it is demonstrated by the more and more people that are approaching running. Running for 10 or 40 kms does not matter: the physical and mental benefits you will notice are the same.
One of the best running’s benefits is that it can be practiced anywhere, even on the go: just bring with you a pair of shoes and the game is done.
Running is also one of the sports that immediately showed a strong technology component in terms of fabrics, shoes mgadgets and apps, that is why today I want to talk about the latest news on market.

Razer Hammerhead BT

The new Razer Hammerhead BTs are Bluetooth headset 4.1 with Qualcomm aptX® codec for high quality low latency audio. So you can enjoy uninterrupted phone calls and listening to a battery that lasts up to eight hours for recharging.

Sony Walkman® WS620

Sony’s new Walkman® WS620 series, waterproof and dust-proof, allows you to work with maximum concentration in both water and any other environmental condition. Smaller, thinner and lighter with ergonomic design, which guarantees comfortable fit and maximum stability.

Head Light di VARTA

Ideal for those who like to run to dusk, when light is scarce now, this head-wearable torch is perfect for sports safely even at night time: it illuminates up to 22 meters and lasts up to 30 hours.

Garmin HRM band

The HRM-Tri cardiac band registers the heart rate even during travel and transfers the information to the watch after completing the activity. Measured travel dynamics help you analyze performance, showing where you can improve performance better.

Run baby run!

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