I don’t watch TV very often, but there are occasions when I have to admit that is enjoyable.

Sometimes, for example, I like to organize an evening with friends at home: when maybe you can not see for a while and you have many things to talk about, I think there is nothing better than getting comfortable, dine together and then maybe watch a good movie.

Other times it happens instead that, when I travel, I come back at the hotel after dinner and need to relax before going to bed: in this case I prefer an episode or two of my favorite TV series.

The opportunities as you see may be different, but thanks to films and TV series streaming app you can feel at home everywhere, with our favorite shows at your fingertips.
So today I want to talk about some mobile applications for streaming, to let you choose your favorite.


It doesn’t need much introduction, Netflix is among the most popular applications in the world: it provides an extensive catalog rich in content for all tastes, giving the ability to view streaming movies anywhere and anytime. Different monthly subscription plans are available, which differ in the resolution of the content and the number of devices that can be used simultaneously.


Among the multiple app to watch movies for free, Hubi allows you to have access to movies and TV series among all those available on popular video hosting services. The application’s main advantage is to be able to download videos to see them offline.


MUBI, one of the best solutions for streaming on Android, offers a service for renting movies that you will see great titles from around the world in high definition directly on your smartphone. In order to use the service you must subscribe to a monthly subscription, the films are in original language with English subtitles.


Thanks to Viki you will have access to an extensive library of television shows, cartoons, movies, TV series, entertainment programs and another multitude of content translated into more than 150 languages ​​a monthly subscription. The integrated search engine allows you to search for videos by genre and country, will have the chance to comment on various content and read reviews from other users using the application.


If you are instead looking for an app to watch free movies without having to take out a subscription, VVVVID could be the ultimate solution.
The app library is well organized and full of movies, anime, TV series and more, also the whole is made complete by an excellent customization system based on your interests which allows you to expand the experience offered by the service providing targeted content according to the user’s tastes.

Don’t forget the popcorn!

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