Needless to hide it: spending many hours at the desk in front of the PC can have impacts on our health. Well, then take breaks and dedicate as soon as possible with assets less sedentary, today I want to talk about some desktop gadgets that could be for you.

Vertical mouse to prevent the disturbance of the carpal tunnel

Among the most popular is definitely the CLS TM137U. The slim design allows the arm to maintain a neutral position, not forced as it happens with a traditional mouse, and offers great comfort.

The keyboard that splits into two

The Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop by Microsoft is a keyboard split into two allowing wrists and forearms to assume a relaxed position. The curved form of Sculpt Ergonomic allows you to reduce and correct the prone position of the wrist, in addition, the button layout follows the curvature of the fingertips to allow a more natural typing.

Wrist massaging mouse pad

Thanks to the presence of a special gel pad, TeckNet is very suitable for those who spend many hours at the computer and suffer from ailments wrists. Non-slip thanks to a special coating underneath, TeckNet supports the wrist and allows, thanks to its silk lining, a fast, fluid motion.

The footrest that improves posture

The footrest is a small platform that offers a real lumbar support, allowing you to sit straighter and rest your feet. SoleSaver di Kensington offers three possibilities tilt for customized comfort. In addition, this footrest raises the legs, improving posture and movement and reducing the pressure in the lower part of the back.

The light-sensitive and smart lamp

Designed to reduce visual fatigue, the lamp AUKEY LT-T7 is equipped with a LED bulb 10W long-life (50,000 hours), which allows you to vary the brightness and white point, available in three shades (study, reading and rest). AUKEY LT-T7 also has a USB port to charge the smartphone, an automatic timer and a light sensor. The On / Off button to turn on and off the lamp, 60mins set a 60 minute timer, after which it will go off.

Which one do you like the most?

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