The selfie? Old stuff: it’s time to “roundie” time. A trip you are the new cameras at 360 ° to 180 ° on the market, double optic for a photo or a video, for its scenic nature, do not let slip any details.

Be enjoyed to the fullest with a VR viewer, the images and the 360 ​​° videos start to appear on Facebook and Youtube are also usable with a normal smartphone thanks to the integrated gyroscope or touch, essential to orientate within the shooting or the shooting.

If you wonder what the most innovative models on the market, here are some ideas!

ALLie Camera

ALLie uuses technology originally developed for the surveillance industry and is able to record images even in low light conditions.

Kodak Pixpro SP360 4k

360 degree camera Kodak can be mounted on a drone to produce 360 ​​videos.

360Fly 4K

Dustproof and water resistant, 360Fly 4K is often used to record extreme sports.

Ricoh Theta S

The Ricoh peculiarities are the image sensors mounted laterally, making her slim shape possible.

Samsung Gear 360

Perhaps the best known at the time on the market, Samsung Gear 360 gdelivers incredible picture quality in a few inches.

Are you ready to shoot?

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