Photo by Sharon Jane D

I have already talked in the past about Pauline van Dongen, a designer who often devotes to projects where fashion is strongly characterized by technological components.

The new products launched by Pauline is the denim smart jacket ISSHO, born thanks to the collaboration with Italdenim and researcher Isabel Berentzen. Issho is an ingenious denim jacket with touch sensors integrated by means of conductive yarns that are woven into the denim fabric. The jacket responds by offering gentle strokes on the upper back, inviting the wearer to be more aware of the present moment.

“With Issho we intend to open up the scope, to move away from focussing on quantifiable data and look at the way technology impacts and shapes the relationship between humans and the world in a rather soft and embodied manner.” — Pauline van Dongen

That’s going to become the new frontier of wearables?

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