You will surely have imagined that among all the social channels Instagram is my favorite and over the years I’ve been trying to improve my photographic technique more and more.
Today I want to give you a few simple tips that I’m sure you will also see to improve your shots.

Choose a Different Perspective

The same subject may change according to the position from which we decide to look at it; You will rarely see my photos taken frontally, especially if I portray human subjects. I generally think a diagonal shot that makes it different from the usual and more interesting.
The shot you see, for example, is a selfie taken during a tandem paragliding flight to Lake Maggiore.

The rule of three

Imagine that your shot is divided by three lines and try to put the subject in the third. This little gadget, which you can possibly post-production, will allow you to have a more balanced and interesting shot than a photo where the subject appears in the center.
The picture below was taken by my boyfriend during a walk on the beaches of the Camargue.

FullSizeRender (34)

Color palette

If you are a landscape photographer, I think the choice of well-harmonized colors between them will make sure the shot is continuous, well-defined and very enjoyable.
The most representative example of this suggestion can be found in this panoramic picture taken in Provence along the Paths of the Oracre.


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