Last weekend I attended a Trial Escape of Monte Cornizzolo organized by Soul Running where I could test again my Ultra Endurance shoes by The North Face and today I reveal you the secret that I brought with me.

Since few weeks in fact I’m trying Etixx dietary supplements, a wide range of products that help before, during and after the race or training session.

Especially for trail running, I brought with me:

  • Isotonic drink with a neutral ph dissolved in water and useful to replenish salts and sugars
  • Ginseng and guarana energy gels that saved me at the fifth kilometer, when fatigue began to be felt

FullSizeRender (31)

  • Carbo-gy, critical to have extra energy, it can also be used in the days before the race
  • Recovery Shake and Recovery Bar after the race, in order to recover the energy spent during physical activity.

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In addition to containing all the necessary substances to face the race in the best way bars and gels Etixx are also good … so also my race companions didn’t resist!

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Here revealed my aces up its sleeve, have I intrigued you?


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