Have you ever wondered what is the path that leads from planting bananas to our tables? Now with Dole you can satisfy your curiosity with the new virtual reality platform.

To use it just enter the website and, if you login from mobile using glasses to virtual reality, you can live the 3d experience journey through the banana plantations.

Thanks to Dole-vr you will see every stage of production from baby nursery of Dole bananas, where the plants are created through the selection of the best specimens (for the uninitiated, banana plants don’t have fertile seeds).

During the virtual experience, you can also learn more about the day of some workers as Sobeieda, the quality control manager, and Andreas at work in the plantations.

In addition to transparency for consumers, the platform Dole also has a goal of social interest: a tour section refers to the fact that daily Dole Foundation supports thousands of workers without forgetting the environment: more than one million trees planted to protect forest and a daily commitment to recycling and saving water.

Welcome on board!

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