Online shopping aholic, this is our moment! If also you enjoy the comfort of getting your clothes at home and try them in the living room, with the right light and without the stress of the people waiting outside your fitting room … Amazon Wardrobe is the service that will change your life.

The new Amazon service allows Prime users to choose their clothes, deliver them and take advantage of a week’s time to decide if hold them without paying a penny in the meantime.

Returns works as usual (at home or delivering to an UPS office) but the real difference lies in not having to shell out anything if the product is not good.

The service was launched in beta version in the US and you can try one million items in Amazon Fashion Fashion Accessories. In addition, to encourage their use, Amazon is offering significant discounts of up to 20% for those who buy more than 5 items.

We also look forward to it in Europe!

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